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Ronald P. Mealey,
Of Counsel

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In addition to major Wall Street law firm experience, and as a partner in law firms in New York and New Jersey counseling corporations and individuals with a diverse and broad spectrum of needs, Mr. Mealey has spent a significant part of his career as senior legal counsel to major corporations. He has served as International Counsel and Director of Commercial Development for a multinational corporation’s International Chemical, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Building and Agricultural Products and Operations and as the Chief Legal Officer of billion dollar plus operations groups with thousands of employees and diverse product lines and services in plastic based packaging, carbohydrate manufacturing and protective security in domestic and international operations.

Mr. Mealey is a practical business lawyer with responsibility as counsel to major corporations, and advisor to executive and operating management on the day-to-day affairs of manufacturing and service businesses. His experience includes corporate and commercial practice, international operations, international trade, FDA, SEC, and corporate secretarial areas. He has lectured extensively on employment law and compliance, sexual harassment, analysis and management of litigation, contract and regulatory compliance, and utilization of attorneys in corporate and international matters. Mr. Mealey is actively engaged in the conduct of litigation on behalf of clients in the state and federal courts in New Jersey and New York.